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Becoming a Person of Influence is a foundational text for anyone who aspires to grow as a leader.  A person’s influence does not develop overnight, but rather through a progression of four stages: modeling, motivating, mentoring, and multiplying. Influence can be acquired, but it only grows in increments.

The good news is that no matter where you stand on the stairway of influence, there are  10 learnable qualities to help you climb to the next step.  These include: Integrity with people, Nurtures people, Faith in people, Listens, Understands people, Enlarges people, Navigates for People, Connects with people, Empowers people, Reproducers other influencers.

Let the Leadership Academy SA,  partner with you and your organization  to help you climb the ladder of Leadership.

Programme Outline:

· Connect the participants with the reason they joined the organization (Their Why)

· Connect the participant with organizations goal (Company Why)

·  Learning the fundamentals of Leadership (Influence)

· Learn practical tools for growing the 10 Qualities of Influencers  

Download Flyer: Click Here

Programme Dates

This programme is carried out in-house as per request.